Create winning outcomes for sustainable partnerships.

Many people associate negotiating with industrial bargaining and international agreements, yet by far the bulk of negotiation involves ordinary people arriving at day-to-day agreements with each other. By improving our negotiation skills we improve our ability to manage transactions in all aspects of our business and personal lives.

This programme is ideal for anyone responsible for reaching agreement and building sustainable long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers, or any other key stakeholders – external or internal.

What’s involved

  • Personal objective setting and creation of a feedback loop with your manager
  • 2-day face-to-face workshop, led by one of our team of facilitators who are business professionals and bring relevant and recent experience to add to their considerable skills in the room
  • Workbook, tools and templates for you to take back to your role and start using immediately
  • Develop an action plan and an application project to focus your new skills on a real piece of work, that will benefit you and your organisation
  • David Forman certificate awarded upon successful completion

Contents include

  • What is negotiation?
  • Why we enter negotiations
  • Selling or negotiating?
  • Outcomes, attitudes and behaviours
  • Communication styles
  • The two components of a win
  • The Win/Win Negotiation model
  • Preparation phase
  • Discussion phase
  • Exploration phase
  • Agreement phase
  • Ten negotiating principles

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By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Use a 4-stage model to plan and manage a win-win negotiation.
  • Understand, then leverage power and tactics.
  • Leverage 10 negotiation principles to increase success.
  • Understand key components of a win-win.
  • Apply principles to negotiate face-to-face, via telephone and email.
  • Know when it is time to walk away.
  • Achieve great outcomes that create sustainable partnerships.

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$1,695.00 + GST
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$1,895.00 + GST (Full price)

Group discount

Group discount 20% off total price
(3 or more attendees, booked at the same time)

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say about this

“Getting into the mindset of being a leader and a coach, but also understanding when being a “manager” is also required and appropriate. I now understand and can articulate why I do the things I do, and what is and isn’t working well for me.”

- Sales & marketing manager

“The course was very tailored to what I need in management/leadership terms…it was all spot on in terms of the GROW model, giving feedback, coaching others. Exceptionally relevant, and expertly delivered.”

- Sales director, GM sponsorship

“I wanted to say thanks for the three days, it was undoubtedly the best course I have been on (and I have endured a number!!). I have started to put a number of the learnings into play… all of which have helped me immensely.”

- Sales manager