Testimonial – David Govender

1 June 2022

Firstly, what course did you do and why did you register for this course?

I wanted to develop my sales skills and buyer focused selling, so I attended the David Forman Sales Performer course a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it.

What exceeded your expectations when studying with us?

At first I was very nervous about this sales course, but the facilitators were very welcoming and able to ease us all into it. 

My expectations were highly exceeded, and I found the process very comfortable throughout the 3 days on the course. It was well put together in terms of the content covered, and everything was explained in detail. 

Can you please share how the facilitators enhanced your learning experience?

Varun and Stuart were very professional in delivering the sales performer course and definitely made an impact on my life. They used their many years of work and life experience to help keep the class well engaged throughout the course. 

We were all able to contribute to the course and they appreciated our input and valued our discussions.  

What have you been able to achieve since taking this course?

This course has helped my sales skills and confidence immensely. I have now been given the tools to be more effective in my role. 

I have structure and the ability to prioritise my family life which is important to me. I have now put plans in place to accomplish all my responsibilities and to achieve my goals and targets.

Finally, what’s the main reason you would recommend enrolling in one of our programmes?

The facilitators presented the course with excellence and made it fun and exciting. They were able to deliver content that is very practical for us to implement daily in our roles at work and in life.

I have confidence in the programmes David Forman offers, and would recommend this training to my colleagues and friends.  



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