Real skills for sales superheroes

7 September 2021

Real skills for sales superheroes

The David Forman Sales Performer Programme is having real impact on participants and their organisations

For too long training has been treated as a tick box exercise. Businesses want to show they’re offering their staff opportunities to progress, and staff want these courses under their belt to move forward. But the David Forman Sales Performer Programme is different. It’s not just a workshop where the main attraction is the lunch buffet. Everyone who takes part shows how they have applied their learning afterwards, and we are seeing some amazing results.

Eight Weeks of Application

“I learned that when I presented to a big company, being prepared is everything. Especially when you are discussing more than one product. I believe that this course gave me the correct tools to excel in this meeting, and hopefully, the hard work pays off and benefits both companies as a whole.” – course participant

Once the training course is finished, the facilitator will ask participants to actively apply their learning to a real-life project over the next eight weeks. Week one is about reviewing insights and actions, while in week two participants are asked to plan how they will use their workshop learning in a real situation. Weeks three to seven is activating this plan –  there is a one-hour coaching call with the facilitator  in week five that focuses on successes, challenges and a bit of a refresh around content. Week eight is reflection time. The course facilitator checks in with the participant every step of the way, offering advice, support and guidance, and helping them review their learning and action points.

 Managers sign off the projects – reinforcing the feedback loop between participants and managers.

Rekindling the love of sales

 “I found it really insightful and the facilitator really human. Previous courses I’ve experienced have not resonated with me like this. The structure was just enough and the thought and connection to the emotional drivers for both the buyer and sales process was great.” – course participant

 The goal of the facilitator in these courses is not just to convey theoretical sales ideas but to help participants put real learning into practice. The feedback has been positive with participants reporting that they connected with the facilitator and the practical application of the content. One participant said the course, “gave me my love back for sales as I was just stuck in a rut”. Another participant said the course, “made me realise that I am, and always have been, a sales person. I just needed to understand the structure more.”

 Selling is a conversation with a purpose

 “This staff member gained invaluable skills that will shape him into becoming a top performer for our company. Key areas that we wanted to address as we do with any of our sales people are how to listen to the customers’ needs, create open ended questions to garner information that will result in opportunities with that customer, and how to convert those conversations into sales. These newly developed skills he applied to his application project and excelled, completing this with a positive outcome.” – Manager of a participant

 Organisations are reporting excellent results. Team managers are feeding back to David Forman that the course is really shaping participants’ behaviour, and improvements in sales technique and enjoyment of their role are obvious. If selling is a conversation with a purpose, the Sales Performer Programme has returned participants’ sense of purpose.

 To find out more about Sales Performer and how to get your organisation involved, visit www.davidforman.co.nz/sales-performer



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