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11 May 2022

Varun Dhani

“I thrive on doing things that I feel make a meaningful difference. As a high school dropout, looking back I wish there was someone that could have guided me –providing motivation along my journey.”

Helping others fulfil their potential is at the root of David Forman facilitator Varun’s professional philosophy. He fostered this passion as he forged a path for himself by finding learning experiences in everything he did, and wanting to do the same for others.

“I see my purpose as utilising my experience to make an impact.”

Considering his passion for personal development, Varun is excited by the potential of online learning.

“I love the fact that in today’s world, learning can be so much easier than ever before, and accessible online. There is no excuse or reason for anyone to say, ‘I don’t know something’.”

Varun is interested in the ways technology can be personalised to help give each learner the best experience possible.

“For example, I’m a visual and hands-on learner. YouTube and video-based learning are where I pick up skills fastest. There is a platform to suit every style of learning.”

After years in management, Varun understands what is most important for guiding people to meet their goals. He focuses on helping individuals and organisations find their “why” –the thing that makes it all meaningful.

He gained this perspective from first-hand experience.

“I was let go from a job when I was 16, and that led me to find arole in the warehouse of a tech company for which I became General Manager.”

You should look for the learning experiences in every situation, good or bad, he says.

“In my leadership role I found coaching, supporting, and developing staff to be hugely rewarding.”

Founder of Management Consultant of Synergy Consulting, Varun gained an Executive MBA from Massey University. Now, Varun’s experience inspires him to help people reach their professional goals.

“I find it exciting to engage with individuals from various organisations,and I enjoy providing a new perspective. I hope the people I work with find success and look back on my facilitationas a highlight of their journey.”

When he isn’t learning or teaching, Varun loves to work with his hands, and keeps things interesting by always having new tools to experiment with. He also has two young daughters, who ensure things stay lively. “They keep me busy, and I try and teach them practical life skills, so they have the best start possible.”

As a David Forman Facilitator, Varun knows our Sales Performer programme inside out.



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