Keep up the sales flow and plug any leaks

27 July 2021

Since we were established more than 50 years ago, David Forman’s heart has been in sales. The development of the Sales Leak Calculator is the culmination of five decades of experience and passion – a unique tool that can help any business from a one-man market-stall in the far corners of the country to a nation-wide chain about to extend across the ditch. This unique Sales Leak Calculator can help any business find where they might be missing out on a sale.

What is a sales leak anyway?
If you owned a store where everyone who entered turned on their heel and ran, you would know pretty-quickly you were losing sales. You would assess the problem – is the music too loud? Is the lighting too bright? Is the queue at the check-out too long? Then you’d make a swift change for the better.

That is exactly what sales leaks are – when a potential sale is lost to the wind. They’re not always as easy to spot as in the example though. You might be looking at your data and realise over the last eight months, your turnover has dropped slightly, but it may not be obvious why. 

How the calculator works
It costs money to get a sales lead. Every person who takes a step through your shop door you paid for it. It could be $10, or it could be $200, the value of the lead doesn’t matter – what matters is the conversion. If they leave your store without spending money, then it’s not just a missed sales opportunity, it is a waste of hard cash.   

The David Forman Sales Leak Calculator asks you a set of questions that helps identify why some customers don’t spend. For example, 87 per cent of shoppers today start out with an online search; if your website isn’t engaging, easy to use and fully functional they could go cold pretty quickly.  

Once you have a customer interested, you need to take time to nurture them – especially if you’re involved in B2B. According to Marketing Sherpa, as many as 73 per cent of B2B sales leads are not ready to be sold to. Spend time developing them and you could improve sales value by 50 per cent. That process alone requires numerous skills and good systems in place, and the leaks calculator along with a David Forman consultant can help.  

Plugging up leaks is a simple way to improve your profitability, and make sure your sales flow –  running your business on target in terms of marketing, staff performance and turnover.   



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