Are you a modern salesperson?

1 August 2022

Are you a modern salesperson?

Are you on top of the data? Do you know that new technique? Have you seen what’s working worldwide?


Don’t panic. Just like fashion, there are trends in sales that float to the top and sink to the bottom again, or just become part of the wallpaper. In 2015, you couldn’t so much as look at a retail outlet without someone yelling, ‘omnichannel shopping’! Fast forward seven years and SoLoMo (Social, Local and Mobile) is the new buzz when it comes to hybrid marketplace sales. Do you remember when everyone was talking about disruption, and who was disrupting the market? Now the hot topic is trendjacking.

The pace of change continues to spiral, and you might feel you’ve only just got to grips with that big new thing before something else blindsides you. But when it comes to sales, the truly modern salesperson stays true to evergreen techniques. If it is tried, tested and proven then it is worth doing – and it is probably easily adaptable to fit in with that big new thing as well.

Old school tips for sales success

Here are the four, ultimate sales tips that will always work, and be on trend.

  • Keep it personal
    Yes, that’s right. Build a relationship with your client, be that digitally or face-to-face. Listen to what they say, understand what they need. Know who your customers are, both in terms of big and small data. Your sales model should be a reflection of your customer profile.
  • Keep it problem-focussed
    Sales is about solving a problem. Your customer needs something, they may not even know what, and you can offer them that something and it will make their business better. Know your offering inside out and make sure it fills that problem niche. Be flexible, don’t try and slam a square peg into a round hole. If you need to adapt the offering slightly and you can, then you should.
  • Keep it honest
    If what you’ve got isn’t 100 per cent what the client needs, don’t press it. They won’t thank you for selling them a red herring. But if you are honest, if you explain what issues your product can solve, they might find they need you later down the line as their business develops, or they might recommend you to other people.
  • Keep it proactive
    Develop your sales pitch, understand what the objections might be, and figure out how you will answer them. Use the data – there is so much of it these days – to back up your response. Don’t just try and sell your product, help your client shape the future. You are working for them as well as your own company, they need your expertise.

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