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15 March 2022

Natasha Gunn

“Learning makes anything possible. It’s the key to unlocking your potential in life. Once you know how to learn, and teach yourself new things, you can pretty much do anything you put your mind to.”

That complete belief in the power of on-going learning is what drives Nat Gunn, facilitator for David Forman. Nat discovered her passion for learning – and sharing it with others – when she realised she was naturally drawn to roles that offered the chance of further development. 

“During my 20s I moved around different industries and realised the commonality in every role I took on was the training and development opportunities,” she says. “I am a believer in the transformative power of positive learning experiences.” 

Technology now plays a big part in those learning experiences and Nat is always looking for new, engaging ways to combine that technology with the latest learning theory to find opportunities that reinvent the way people work and learn. 

The rise of online learning is a good example, she says.

“Online learning can bring more people to more experiences. You can access a programme from various types of location. Online learning enables more people to have the chance of reaching their potential through personal growth and development.” 

She predicts virtual reality will be the next game changer for training and development. “I can’t wait to be regularly learning and teaching in the metaverse.”  

One thing that won’t change, whatever platform Nat is using, is the relaxed and casual environment she creates for her students so they feel open and engaged. “I’m open to talking about both successes and about mistakes I’ve made along the way, providing real-life examples to learn from.” 

With more than 20 years as a trainer and learning specialist in both New Zealand and Australia, Nat understands how to develop and deliver training that produces results. In 2017, Nat backed herself and her skills to launch her own company that specialises in using technology to develop learning solutions. It’s taught her some valuable lessons she is happy to share in her training sessions. 

“Follow your dreams – back yourself even when you are nervous or fearful of the unknown,” she says, adding that the secret to good, strength-based leadership is about “getting to know your team really well and hiring a really diverse group”. 

Outside of work, you will most likely find Nat running trails or hanging out in a forest or at a beach with her dog. “When I’m inside you’ll find me at my PC or wearing my VR headset, maybe working – more likely gaming.”

As a David Forman Facilitator, Nat knows our Sales Performer and lots of our other programme inside out. Along with her team of experts, Nat has also led our team of SME to re-design our face-to-face programmes into new, live online programmes. 



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